Innovation and Cutting Edge Research set PRIME Apart

Safe for all Animals & Skin Types

Safe if licked or ingested

Maintains Contact with Wound

Non-irritating, Non-stinging, Non-toxic

No Antibiotics

No Alcohol, Iodine, or Bleach

PRIME Wound & Skin Spray

PRIME Wound & Skin Spray utilizes trusted ingredients which are scientifically proven to support advanced wound healing. PRIME Wound & Skin Spray is long-lasting to provide maximum benefit to your animal.

PRIME Wound & Skin Spray (12oz)   MSRP $29.95
PRIME Wound & Skin Spray (3.4oz)   MSRP $17.95

PRIME Wound Hydrogel

PRIME Wound Hydrogel, utilizing the same trusted ingredients, is a thicker, gel-based formula designed to provide extended duration of action for maximum wound protection.

PRIME Wound Hydrogel (12oz)   MSRP $34.95
PRIME Wound Hydrogel (3.4oz)   MSRP $19.95

PRIME Silver Wound Gel

PRIME Silver Wound Gel utilizes the same trusted ingredients as found in the PRIME Wound Hydrogel while adding the scientifically-proven benefits of silver. PRIME Silver Wound Gel has triple-action anti-infective ingredients with even stronger antimicrobial, antifungal, and antibacterial properties.

PRIME Silver Wound Gel (3.4oz)   MSRP $29.95