PRIME wound care products are specifically formulated to provide optimal conditions for healing. This is achieved by using KytexTM technology – a chitosan-based additive that has been used for decades to support advanced wound healing. Combining KytexTM with a proven antimicrobial agent, chlorhexidine, makes PRIME an ideal choice for your animal.

Trusted Ingredients

PRIME Wound and Skin Spray utilizes these trusted ingredients, which are scientifically proven to support advanced wound healing. PRIME Wound Hydrogel utilizes the same ingredients in a thicker, gel-based formula designed to provide extended duration of action for maximum wound protection.

Designed to Heal

Maintaining a moist wound environment and reducing wound bioburden are critical elements for healing. PRIME wound care products are designed to maintain contact with the wound surface for extended periods of time, allowing the ingredients to ideally support wound healing.